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"Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to Holy Cross College

"Experience Matters"

My Path to Holy Cross

    Welcome to my e-folio! My name is Katherine Ziola. I am a senior at Holy Cross College and will be graduating in May as an English major with a minor in Communications. As you explore this electronic portfolio, the above quote will attest to my journey as a college student, and as a person.

    I decided in my first senior semester of high school that I would take a college class to ease the transition from homeschooling to a classroom atmosphere. I signed up for an English 101 Composition class. The teacher of this class was Dr. Amanda Uvalle. Her teaching style and personable ways instantly drew me to a desire to teach composition. In that semester, I decided I was going to be an English major once I graduated.

    After having spent my freshman year at this community college, I decided that I wanted an atmosphere with better and fewer people. I had spent a year in classrooms full of students who were taking classes only to fulfill community service or because it was a cheap way to pass time. So I began searching Catholic Colleges online.  When I found Holy Cross College, I saw they had a strong English program, a small community across the street from the greatest university in America, and a strong Catholic identity.

    The more I researched the school, the more I was drawn to it. I never visited; only saw internet pictures. The moment I stepped on campus, I truly felt like I was home. I am blest to share my experience with you.


Quick Facts about Me

-Age 22

-From Southern California

-Oldest of seven children


-Transferred from MSJC Community College

-My Capstone will be given on April 30th at 2:30pm

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